Rental Equipment for Outer Banks Festivals

Rental Equipment For Outer Banks Festivals

Posted on 28th March 2019

A number of festivals are celebrated on the Outer Banks beaches in spring, fall and summer season. Thus, it does not matter in which season you would plan your vacations, you have to get rental equipment for enjoying outer banks festivals in your own way. There are a number of companies that supply a large selection of event rental equipment for visitors. The equipment includes audio and electrical needs, stage, tables, and chairs. You can search for Dewey beach equipment rentals to find the best company.



A stage is needed for musical and other performances. You can easily find staging for festivals. Stages are available in different sizes. You can select the stage depending on your needs. You can also get stage stairs with handrails and a stage skirt to complete your stage. You can find Bethany beach umbrella rentals if you want umbrellas for your guests.

Electrical Needs

You can fulfill your electrical needs with a generator. Different types of generators are available. You can choose from a 25kva generator or a Honda 6500 watt electrical generator depending on your needs. 25kva generator is suitable for any event. It is the best choice for festivals. The generator runs with a soundproof diesel engine and there are a number of circuits to give electrical supply to your event. A Honda 6500 watt electric generator is suitable for a smaller event. It runs on gas and has to be shielded to reduce noise pollution.

Air Conditioner and Heat

If you are holding your event in the heat of summer, you will need an air conditioner to beat the heat and if you are doing it in the winters, you have to make arrangements to provide warmth and keep the event comfortable. You do not have to worry because vacation rentals provide heating and cooling equipment to make your event successful. You can get a patio heater that is the best for open outdoor space. It will heat 15-18 sq. feet area and can be used safely on wooden decks. The heater comes with a 20lb propane tank. If you want to hold the event under a tent, you can get 170,000 BTU tent heaters that are perfect for keeping the tent warm. It comes with propane, a thermostat, ductwork, and a diffuser. The company will install the tent heater for its proper functioning. If you are holding an event in the summers, you can rent mounted tent fans to keep the air cool.

Audio Equipment

You can rent cordless microphones, a mic stand, a wireless mic label or a full PA system to cover your audio needs.


You can find different types of tables for making your event successful. You can choose from round, square, banquet type or serving tables. There are a number of companies providing Rehoboth beach linen rentals and other equipment to make your event enjoyable.


If you need a tent for your event, there are different types of tents available on rent. Tents are available in a wide variety and different sizes. You can choose from West Coast Frame tents, Trac Frame Tents, Clear Top Tents, and Marquee/Walkway tents. After choosing a tent for your event, you can also add tent leg covers, rain gutters, sidewalks, and lighting.


IT is the most important item for the event. Every event or a festival needs seating option. You can choose from chairs, lounge furniture, benches, or stools to make seating arrangement for the event.