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Let your groceries arrive before you.

Please provide your grocery list at least 72 hours in advance. We charge $50/hour for shopping and delivery plus 20% on the total grocery and beverage items purchased. $200 minimum.


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    Grocery Delivery And Mid-Week Cleaning To Get Rid Of Stress During Vacation In Delaware

    One of the biggest benefits of staying in vacation rentals is having fun with your family in the kitchen while cooking your own food. But there is one problem when you cook your own meals when you are vacationing. What is it? It is grocery shopping. Finding a grocery store near you, standing in a queue in the store and carrying them to the holiday rental home can be boring, time-consuming and annoying. It is not the right way to spend time when you are on a hard-earned vacation. Is this issue bothering you? Here is some good news for you. You need not to waste a single moment of your much-awaited vacation in grocery stores when you book a grocery delivery service at Coastal Beach services.

    You can start your vacation the moment you step into the vacation home. You can leave the grocery buying to the best  grocery delivery service provider. Why should you carry groceries from home when you can get fresh local grocery at the doorstep? Local grocery delivery is the best choice because you are assured of getting farm fresh vegetables and fresh groceries. If you are planning to visit Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, Lewes and Fenwick Beaches in Delaware for your next vacation, a good grocery delivery service Delaware will take care of all your grocery needs. It can be a big relief to find your kitchen stocked with groceries when you step in the home feeling tired after a long drive.

    Okay, grocery delivery is taken care of. What about cleaning, the other biggest problem when you are staying in a vacation home? The good news is that cleaning can also be taken care of. All you have to do is to book the services of a good cleaning company. Were you thinking all these days that hiring a house cleaner can be very expensive? If so, you are wrong. There are many affordable house cleaning services that we offer in Delaware. We provide a mid-week cleaning service. Cleaning service companies with experienced crew will dust, sweep, mop and complete all another cleaning in a professional manner. You need not panic about allergies resulting from dust and other health hazards when you go for cleaning services.

    Let your vacation be stress-free. Enjoy each and every moment with no concerns about grocery shopping and home cleaning. You deserve a break without any frets and you are assured that you will get it.

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