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We partnered with the best chefs in the Delaware area and can provide you and your family with an incredible dining experience from the comfort of your own home.  Our chefs and catering partners can assist you at mealtime in two ways: in-home service (includes chef and servers) or delivered meals (no chef or servers).

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    Catering/Private Chef Hire At Delaware Beaches – Let The Meal Times Be Enjoyable

    Are you planning to go on a beach vacation? Blue sea, beautiful skies, warm sunshine, gentle surf, soft pearl white sand and other beach wonders are meant to be admired for several hours. Vacations are for sitting back and relaxing and for enjoying varieties of food. Yes, vacations can be complete only when you have delicious meals. But you should not spend hours in the kitchen preparing home cooked meals because it will spoil the holiday mood. Do you hate eating out all three meals a day?  If so, you should find a chef when you are on a vacation to make your meal times more enjoyable. You can hire a chef for a day or for all days on your vacation depending upon your needs and itinerary. We at Coastal Beach Services offer personal chef service for Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, Lewes and Fenwick Beaches DE.

    Are you not sure if you do need a private chef? Do you think it is a waste? No, it is not. You will understand that hiring a personal chef is not a waste if you come to know the benefits.

    • You can enjoy meals in the comforts of your home. This is a blessing if you are traveling with your family or with your friends.
    • You can enjoy a wide variety of meals. You can go for a personalized menu of your choice.
    • Eating outside food for many days is not a healthy option. Going for a private chef assures you of healthier meals.
    • You are assured of tasty quality meals to make your vacation unforgettable. Find a chef at Coastal Beach Services.
    • Hiring a chef is time-saving and money saving.
    • The food is prepared in your home. It will definitely be freshly prepared with fresh ingredients. You need not to have any concerns about the risks of health hazards like food poisoning.
    • When you hire a chef you can host parties for your friends without worrying about food preparation.
    • The elderly and the little kids will be given nutritious, healthy and tasty food that won’t upset their stomach. It is a kid-friendly and elderly-friendly option. All special dietary needs will be taken care of.

    You have two options when you go for private chef hire. You can go for in-home service or delivered meals. When you go for in-home service you will have chef and servers to serve you in your home. Delivered services do not include chef and servers. With us, you have the option to hire a chef for a day for beaches in DE.

    Enjoy your holiday luxuriously without having to worry about food by getting private chef services.

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