Beach Extras For Your 2019 Delaware Outer Banks Vacation

Beach Extras For Your 2019 Delaware Outer Banks Vacation

Posted on 28th March 2019

Are you planning a beach holiday? You have to pack a few essential beach items because beach extras are available on the beach that will make your vacations enjoyable. There a number of vacation rentals on Delaware outer banks beaches that provides you with all the beach extra items to make your vacations safe and comfortable.

Beach Extras for Your 2019 Delaware Outer Banks Vacation are Listed Below


Standard Cabana

The Standard Cabana is made of Sunbrella canvas. It provides protection from all three directions. It offers you protection from the wind and is perfect for a baby playpen and pets. The cabana also offers protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Oak Beach Table

This small table is a must item on your beach vacations. You can use it for keeping your books, drink, phone, or snacks. It is easy to transport from one place to another because it can be folded easily when not in use. It looks great if you also rent oak chairs.

Beach Utility Cart

This is an important beach accessory. It is small and makes it easy to carry your beach equipment from one place to another. You can put chairs, tables, coolers, and personal items in the cart and carry them easily wherever you like. The cart has oversized wheels and it can be rolled easily over the sand.

Cornhole Game

It is a wonderful beach game. People of all ages can play the game. It does not require too much physical activity. You can play it in a safe place and enjoy drinking your favorite drink.


You will need umbrellas on your Outer Banks Vacation. You can easily get Rehoboth beach umbrella rentals to protect yourself from the heat of the sun.


There are different vacation rentals that provide clean linen services for visitors. Contact Bethany beach linen rentals to get clean linen on rent for your vacations on Bethany beach.

Crib Rentals

You can visit the Outer Banks beaches with the small kids as well. You do not have to worry because necessary beach items to keep your kids safe during the vacations are available. You can get Dewey beach crib rentals for your baby. It will keep your baby safe.

LSV Golf Cart

LSV Golf Cart is a street-legal vehicle and it is not permitted to drive it on the roads. They run through electricity and can be connected to any standard 110v outlet. The cart is fitted with the necessary safety features such as lights, a horn, turn signals, seat belt, windshield wipers, etc. The cart is a perfect way of getting your family and reach the beach. You can also use it for exploring the Outer Banks. It is available for 4 people and 6 people.

Baby Play Yard

It is the best item to be used inside or outside. It is a gated play yard and keeps your baby safe. It can be easily transported. The gates fold up and also include a carry strap. It creates 18 square feet of play area for your kid.

Delux Gas Grill

It is a perfect beach item for a larger family. It covers 555 square inches of primary cooking space and has five burners. It comes with a full tank of propane gas, a grill brush, and a stick lighter.