Family-Friendly Delaware Outer Banks Activities

Family-Friendly Delaware Outer Banks Activities

Posted on 28th March 2019

You can enjoy the best beach holiday at one of Delaware’s most popular resort towns. Rehoboth Beach is a wonderful summer destination for families. You can enjoy and test your skills at the Kings Creek Country club and the Beach also offers fantastic views of the local scenery. You can enjoy at the beach, stroll the boardwalk, and can take your kids to the nearby amusement park called Funland.


Family Friendly Delaware Outer Banks Activities


Rehoboth beach equipment rentals make your stay comfortable at the beach. You can enjoy your vacations at the beach as beach equipment is available on rent. You do not have crammed your car full of beach sheet or any other equipment. There are many companies that offer Rehoboth beach chair rentals and Rehoboth beach sheet rentals at your doorstep. They provide everything from umbrellas to grills and anything you need to make your vacation enjoyable and special. Mothers do not have to carry the baby equipment to get down to the beach. You can easily get sanitized cribs, strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays for the kids so that you can easily enjoy your vacations.

There are a number of activities to do on the beach. Kids have endless hours of entertainment as they can splash in the surf, rummage through shell piles or do whatever they like to do enjoying the sun and the water. Some of the most popular activities specific to the outer bank beaches are:

Beach Games

It is the best way for the parents to enjoy with their kids at the beach. There are many beach games that are easy to set up and learn.


Delaware Beach Activities - Beach Game


Outer bank beaches are the best place to go surfing. Surfers from the different parts of the world visit the outer banks for the annual ESA tournament or to paddle out and enjoy the waves on the coastal region.

Attractions & Activities - Outer Banks Delaware - Beach Surfing


It is the best activity that can be enjoyed with the kids. You need little equipment for beach fishing. A surfing rod is necessary for long casting and to hold up in the ocean waves.

Delaware Beach Activities -Beach Fishing


This sport has become a famous beach sport and people from the different parts of the world visit this small beach for the best Kiteboarding. It is the best place to soar.

Things to Do at Delaware Outer Banks - Kiteboarding


It is also a popular activity at the beach. Ocean kayaks are lighter, longer, and easier to board. The Kayaks here come in one or two seat varieties. Lighter kayaks are easy to navigate through the ocean waves.

Things to Do at Delaware Outer Banks -Kayaking


If you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure on your beach vacation, you can do windsurfing. It is not for beginners. Only an advanced surfer can ride through the ocean waves. It is a challenge and a lot of fun to do windsurfing.

Delaware beach activities -Windsurfing

Ghost Crab Hunting

You can entertain your family after dark with this activity. You can take your kids and a flashlight and go for ghost crab hunting. Yellow, pale-colored, and small sized crabs are camouflaged against the sand during the day but can be seen at night. In the summer months, you can spot dozens of crabs moving across the beach when you go out for a walk at night. Ghost crabs are harmless and you can enjoy these small creatures with a camera and a flashlight.


Delaware beach activities - Ghost Crab Hunting